Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bohol Election Returns

The results of the May 2007 Bohol Election is already out. You can check out the list of election winners at

Election in Bohol turned out to be peaceful with no bloodshed, but it was marred with vote buying and money indeed flowed in the city of Tagbilaran and in all towns of Bohol. An editorial ran the "If The Price Is Right" and another opinion column on " Value Your Vote" by Engr. Jes B. Tirol is also talking about the monetary consideration of the recent election.

Nevertheless, what happened is already something to do with the mindset of the Boholanos. I hope there is still a chance to change their view on choosing the right candidate and not base their decision on monetary factors.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Election is Over

Yesterday, May 14, 2007, the Boholano people have cast their votes to the candidate who they believe is capable to serve them.

As of today, election returns are still being tabulated final results will be out soon. Winner and loosers will be determined.

I will be posting in the next issues the list of winners in different areas in the province of Bohol.

Keep posted.